Taking time to lead - Focus, let go and find energy

The day only has 24 hours, you guarantee BAU (business as usual), you drive new projects, you create buy-in for your goals and you coach and develop your teams. How to fit it all in your work week?

Have you taken the time to decide, what your goals are? What is important, what is strategic, what you can delegate or let go? And do you have time to think, to focus and balance your energy, so you can sustainably inspire others? Are you aware, where your energy comes from and that of your team?

Explore how to focus and let go. And find ways to keep a fresh and innovative outlook on the challenges of today.

Target Group

Leaders, Board Members, Managers, who have to lead credibly and authentically in times of change or adversity.

Possible situations are organizational transformations, M&As, downsizing or a driving a new strategy.


½ day to 2 day workshops including blended learning elements tailored your needs to explore, teach and practice.

It includes practical experiences, mindfulness exercises, interactive practice sessions and individual coaching. It is bracketed by virtual or face to face pre-work and follow-up.