Risk and Opportunities – Risk Culture: a strategic advantage

Risk Culture and Tone from the Top are not only regulatory requirements. A strong risk culture does not mean taking less risks. Especially for financial services companies risk is their business model.

Many leaders in the finance industry by now acknowledge the value of risk culture. The only problem: how to tackle such a “soft” topic. How to start?

Implementing an IT system, redesigning processes is tangible, can be planned for, implemented step by step, controlled. How to control culture, people, values, behaviours?


  • How can you reach the right balance between risks and opportunities?
  • How can you support your employees to take the right decision in a dilemma?
  • Can your risk takers become your risk managers?
  • What is the role of the leadership to create the right tone?
  • How do you reach all levels of your organization?


  • What is culture and what is risk culture?
  • Tone from the Top: credibility and reach
  • Errors and mistakes: the advantages of a no blame culture
  • Purpose and Values: a benefit not only for risk and compliance
  • Internal communication: From top to bottom, from bottom to top. An interactive and sustainable approach
  • Systems, Structures, Space: how to anchor change

In an interactive workshop you will get to know tools and methodologies how to implement a strong risk culture.

New findings and methodologies will be shared in presentations. Through interactive elements there will be deeper learning and the explorative exchange will allow new ideas to be developed.

Target Group

This workshop is targeted for the finance industry. It is especially relevant for those, who are responsible for risk culture and tone from the top, i.e. the board, the CEO, CRO, CFO and Compliance Officer.


Brainstorming, World Café, Case Study, Simulation, Role Play, Panel Discussion, Risk scenarios with E- or hand polling, Coaching and Peer Coaching