Strategic Risks: When wrong decisions can bring a company to its knees

You sit in the board-room, the chairman paints an exciting picture of new opportunities and how to overcome competition in a giant leap.

You have some concerns and some questions, but everyone is so excited about the possibilities. You are sure everything has been considered carefully with all the smart people at the table.

Conformity bias, sunflower behaviour – one of the most common phenomena, especially in corporate settings. And while it exists across all hierarchies, when it comes to the board room it can create real damage. For strategic decisions, you cannot leave the risk management of the process to the courageous few. You need to build risk management into the process.

Experience how simple change of settings and easy interventions create the right environment for proper risk management in the decision-making process.

Improving your strategic decisions as they are examined from diverse perspectives, while creating better mutual understanding and better relationships for future decisions.

Target Group

Leaders, Board Members, Managers, who have to decide the big questions, sometimes in times of crisis or under pressure.


½ day to 2 day workshops including blended learning elements tailored to your needs to explore, teach and practice.

It includes practical experiences, exercises on bias, interactive practice sessions and individual coaching. It is bracketed by virtual or face to face pre-work and follow-up.