Ethical Leadership - The value of doing things right

You have to take a decision and feel squeezed between a rock and a hard place. There is the customer to please, profit to gain, there are risks you face and reputation to consider.

Being too careful is not an option, not taking a decision would be the worst decision, so how to get to the right solution? And as important how can we explain our decision and gain support.

Explore ways, how to create an environment for sustainable decision taking

Where you set the right tone from the top, so others follow. And find out the benefits of such decisions for your brand, your reputation, your customer loyalty and your employee engagement.

Target Group

Leaders, Board Members, Managers, who have to lead credibly and authentically, sometimes in times of crisis, regulatory pressure or scandal


½ day to 2 day workshops including blended learning elements tailored your needs to explore, teach and practice.

It includes practical experiences, mindfulness exercises, interactive practice sessions and individual coaching. It is bracketed by virtual or face to face pre-work and follow-up.