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Aligning culture and strategy is vital for strategy execution and business success.

Transforming your culture by focusing on behaviour is the way to sustainable implementation

The world is made up of choices which require judgement, integrity and the ability to decide. Not only in leaders, but across all levels of the organisation.

Decision and Risk Taking are heavily influenced by culture and norms. You can influence, what people do, even when nobody is looking.

If you influence well and work on the level of values and behaviours, it will unlock the right motivators in your employees to spread and sustain this change.

Creating a strong risk & compliance culture may prevent scandals and it will enable better informed risk taking.

Building on behavioural economics and using cognitive psychology, we change the context instead of controlling the uncontrollable.

Our 5 point approach to driving change in organizations


Sustain change with simple transparent rewards & consequences


Activate all stakeholders, esp middle management & change agents


Develop action plan and communication strategy to effectively deploy the tone from the top


Tailored surveys, interviews and psychometrics to identify strength and pain points


Discussion, analysis & workshops translating strategy into actionable behaviours


Learning is based on awareness and understanding the purpose

The best way to acquire new skills is by exploration, experience and practice. Most of what you want to develop already exists in your team. It just needs a framework to grow and be applied at work.

We offer

Tailored workshops, e.g. for boards to create the right “Tone from the Top”

Development programs, e.g. for risk takers to understand their role as first line of defence

Simulations and Games, e.g. crisis simulation for leadership and communication

Learning & Development is not achieved by simply providing and attending classes. The most sustainable learning happens, when you embed learning in how you operate.

We offer methodologies on how to keep the learning sustainable and build programs to align learning with the strategy and embed it throughout the organization