Living in a Fish Bowl - Role Modelling to make leadership credible

Your goal is clear in your mind, you lead, you communicate – why do people still misunderstand you? Why don’t they follow your example? Why do you have to spend so much time to direct everyone and handhold them through change?

Are you seeing yourself truly like others see you?

Are you aware of the impact that even small actions or comments have. Do you make sure, that you walk the talk?

Target Group

Leaders, Board Members, Managers, who have to lead credibly and authentically, sometimes in times of crisis, regulatory pressure or scandal.

Possible situations are downsizing, organizational transformations, M&As or a new strategy.


½ day to 2 day workshops including blended learning elements tailored your needs to explore, teach and practice.

It includes practical experiences, exploration, interactive practice sessions and individual coaching. It is bracketed by virtual or face to face pre-work and follow-up.