Diversity - Creating the choice architecture for the new normal

Your goal is to increase the percentage of women in leadership roles. You want to attract elder experienced workers and have them collaborate seamlessly with millenials. You are yourself an open and fair leader and your company has fair and supportive policies.

And you know, that diversity is important for the goals of your company: representing your customers evenly, creating more innovation and risk perception.

But the needle does not move really fast. Despite your goals, you don’t see enough women promoted, enough of a mix in generation.

Have you considered, that there are forces at play below your rational and cognitive mind? Biases, that influence your decisions, before you even think. A choice architecture based on the old status quo. And those hold your progress back – despite best intentions.

Explore unconscious bias and more importantly find ways to counteract mindless decision taking.

Target Group

Leaders, Board Members, Managers, who have to lead credibly and authentically, sometimes in times of crisis, regulatory pressure or scandal


½ day to 2 day workshops including blended learning elements tailored your needs to explore, teach and practice.

It includes practical experiences, mindfulness exercises, interactive practice sessions and individual coaching. It is bracketed by virtual or face to face pre-work and follow-up.