We are Ripple Effect

We offer consulting and training for organizations to shape the culture they need

Have you always wondered why


Your organization has a compelling new strategy...

why do people not follow?

Your team merged with another...

why is it so hard to break the silos?

The market is changing rapidly...

why can’t we be more agile and innovative?

Talk to us if you would like to be an organization where people work seamlessly together to achieve great things



Risk or Opportunities – it is all about people!

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Risk or Opportunities – it is all about people!


What we offer


Rippleeffect offers consulting and training for organizations to create the right tone from the top

We developed a simple and effective approach, how to design and implement the culture, you need, and how to adjust an organization’s culture, to support new strategies or changed business models

Complementing this, we design training and facilitate workshops, to learn the new strategies and tools for sustainable change

We introduce how behavioural economics complements your change effort by changing the social norms. And how you create your own NUDGES to get the change you want

To achieve your goals, we are happy to support you with our services: Public Speaking, Consulting and Training

How do we do it


Building on many years of leadership and change experience in international corporations across the globe, we strike a fine balance of inspiring wake-up calls for the new reality with pragmatic solutions, that do not interrupt the business as usual

In close interaction and consultation with the leadership, we tailor a program according to the culture and behaviours, you need. Using open and constructive feedback, we mirror back the organizations status quo and the main intervention opportunities

Some people don’t want the change, some cannot do it, therefore we mix skill-building, increasing leadership awareness and a focus on deliberate behaviour to foster a culture of conscious leadership and the right tone across all levels

And we work with all key stakeholder groups: leadership, middle management and workforce, to create better flow across hierarchies and a joint push towards the new culture and strategy